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From the heart of the Smoky Mountains

Rudy Barrett and The Sounds Of The Smoky Mountain Banjo

"Born in east Tennessee, and having a banjo picker for a father, is the best thing that could have happened to me."
Saturday night jam sessions were the norm for the Barrett family home of Kingsport,Tennessee during the "good old days."


I have been playing the banjo forever. At least as long as I can remember. Music is the first thing about my childhood that I can remember. It was always around me and I was always pickin' on the banjo. I knew all the old standard tunes before I knew my abc's. I played through a lot of different musical era's and learned to play songs from different styles. Ragtime, country western, traditional country, modern country, 50's rock, and bluegrass. This has all gelled into what I call Smoky Mountain Style Banjo. I recorded The Sounds Of The Smoky Mountain Banjo in early 80's featuring 16 banjo instrumentals. Released first on vinyl, it is now available on CD.

The Banjos
Gibson RB 250 Mastertone archtop tone ring Built in the early 1950's. Fiberskin head. Light guage strings.
Stelling Whitestar. Flat head tone ring. Heavy guage strings. Original standard head.

Touring through the south, from Tennessee to Texas, and north to Canada, for over 30 years .............
Over 80 recordings (cuts) ...

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The Smoky Mountain Banjo